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An innovation of the Dutch Family Company  Amzterdamit™ 0.0, has found a unique formula to Manufacture The Amzterdamit™ “ORIGINAL” 0.0 Whiskey, 0.0 Gin, 0.0 Vodka, 0.0 Brandy, 0.0 Tequila and 0.0 Rum.


As an addition to our unique formulas, we have created pre-mix canned versions of the WSKI Ginger Ale, RMH Cola, TQLA Retboel, and GHN Tonic. These pre-mixes extract the alcohol from the original product, and replace it with a combination of natural flavors. This product allows one to indulge in the sensation of alcohol without having to wake up with a headache in the morning. 


We have launched,

and are growing fast.

Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 has successfully launched In Europe at the Horecava Food and Beverage exhibition in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. And has sparked interest from major beverage brands globally. And has been very well received by the consumers. 

Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 Original is now being sold across The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany by the biggest major hospitality retailers and will soon be available in the consumer stores across Europe. 

Due to the major success of the Amzterdamit ™ 0.0 Original range. We will be bringing out the mixed drinks that will be available in a  very sleek 250ml canned that will be made available in consumer stores, major airports, airport lounges global airliners, service stations and many events. 

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