Amzterdamit™ 0.0 -  United Drink and Innovation Corp.

700ml Original Amzterdamit 0.0

The 'Originals' made for the passionate mixers who want to create their own mix with the Amzterdamit 0.0 Original flavors.

Rum 0.0 Original - 700ml 

Gin 0.0 Original - 700ml

Vodka 0.0 Original -700ml

Whisky 0.0 Original - 700ml 

250 ml Mixed Amzterdamit 0.0

Amzterdamit 0.0 has created the perfect mixed beverage ready to consume at any time of the day. Best served cold.

Gin and Tonic mixed with a hint of cucumber


Rum and Cola mixed with a hint of lime


250ml Mixed  Amzterdamit 0.0

Amzterdamit 0.0 - 250ml canned slim line cans designed for you to take on the go.

Please serve cold 

250ml Gin and Tonic (Slim line can)

Amzterdamit 0.0

250ml Rum and Cola (Slim line can)

Amzterdamit 0.0